• We're Moving to MoveMindful.com!

    The Shoshin Yoga website will be down for the next few days while we complete the transition to MoveMindful.com. Paying members, scroll down to learn more.

  • Information for Current Members


    If you currently have a Shoshin Yoga membership, paid or free, there is not much you need to do.


    While the website is down, you can still access the Shoshin Yoga video library below.


    Your payments will continue normally. If you need to change your credit card details, please contact us here.


    When the new site is launched, we will send you an email invitation to create your account at MoveMindful.com.


    You will need to create a new password, but you will not need to update your payment information.




  • Access the Shoshin Yoga Library


    If you currently have a paid or free membership you can access all the Shoshin Yoga videos from this external library.


    You should have already received an email with a password to access this library, but if not, just send us a message and we will provide it for you.


    The majority of the previous Shoshin Yoga videos will be accessible from the new site when it launches.




  • What will be changing?


    The transition from Shoshin Yoga to Move Mindful is mostly one of branding, adding some new features and eventually adding new teachers with more weekly content.


    We will be tweaking the style of the classes slightly, but you may not even notice.


    We will continue to have Props and No Props classes.




  • Any other questions?


    If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Simply follow this link and send us a message.


    Thank you for your ongoing support and we hope to see you over at MoveMindful.com!


    - Ayla and Max